Discount for birthday.

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Discount for birthday.
Discount for birthday.


Is it your birthday? Come to Papa Johns, eat and drink with your friends, get a discount on pizzas up to your age!


In accordance with the terms of the birthday campaign, a person who has a birthday can go to the restaurant with an identification card and make an unlimited number of pizzas.

If the number of guests is more than 8, you need to inform the operator about the branch where you want to go, call * 7272 the day before arrival. This is not a reservation, but simply to keep the restaurant informed about future guests.


* Discount is equal to the age of the birthday.

* Discount applies only to pizzas and does not apply to mini pizzas.

* The offer is valid only for the restaurant, and does not apply for takeaway and delivery.

* If the number of guests is 4 or more, inform the restaurant before.

* It is not allowed to buy drinks, cakes or any food from outside.

* Orders from our restaurants located in shopping centers are accepted ONLY at Shuvalan Park and Ganjlik Mall branches.