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It doesn’t matter how good the ingredients you scatter on top… if the dough base isn’t up to the job, you’re never going to deliver a winning pizza. Which is why at Papa John’s, we make all our original dough from scratch at our HQ, to be delivered fresh to all our restaurants around the country. That’s why Papa John’s better quality pizza bases are – quite literally – the foundation of our success!

Only the best ingredients go into our dough, like high-quality protein, unbleached wheat flour, purified water, yeast and salt. Our aim is to make the same original, high quality dough – plain and simple, and simply delicious – that John Schnatter was producing in the back room, all those years ago.

Our original proprietary dough comes to our stores fresh from our commissaries where it’s made. Our proprietary high-protein, unbleached wheat flour and filtered water gives Papa John’s original pizza dough its unique balance of flavor and its chewy, crisp crust.

Our Pizzas - Better Ingredients

What are the ingredients for better pizza? At Papa John’s, we know that a major part of the recipe is our people, our service, and our commitment to a better pizza experience.

But equally important are the deliciously fresh and irresistibly tasty topping ingredients that we scatter generously onto our famously fresh dough bases! 

Grilled Chicken

Succulent breast meat with a rich and smokey grilled flavor. Our 100% chicken products is Halal and free of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives.


We use only authentic, superior-quality meats on our pizzas. Our beef and italian sausage are Halal and all made from real beef, have no fillers and are blended with spices for distinctive flavor


100% halal pepperoni sliced and cooked to a crispy perfection, our pepperoni has a spicy kick of flavor.

Fresh Tomatoes

Our succulent fresh tomatoes are sliced by our pizzaiolos in-store every day.

Green Peppers

Always fresh and flavorful green peppers


White capped Mushroom with a firm texture.

Black Olives

Superb quality olives picked in Spain's famous Herrera Groves.


We use a high-quality sweet and flavorful corn.


100% real Jalapeno Peppers are sliced fresh and packed in a spicy brine with turmeric spice.


If you like cheese, you’ll love our signature mozzarella cheese. It’s exclusive to Papa John’s and crafted from 100% high-quality milk. Mild and delicate, yet full-bodied in flavor, it’s proof that cheese really can “make” the pizza!

Feta Cheese

This delicious, salty, crumbly white cheese will conjure up memories of Greek holidays.

Pizza Sauce

Our vine-ripened tomatoes are carefully grown on farms in the rich, fertile central valley of California and are freshly packed from vine to can in about six hours.